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Mermaids By LILIANA MONTOYA Swim is an exclusive bathing suit collection designed by Colombian Liliana Montoya.

LILIANA MONTOYA Swim has captured the essence of enchanting mermaids, bringing summer to romance our senses. The designer understands that no woman is alike, but all women want to feel sexy and comfy. This special collection draws inspiration from the ocean, corals, fish, seaweed, landscapes, and scale patterns; helping every woman feel beautiful and transforming them into a mermaid, bringing the legend of mermaids to life, as the women of the sea who emerge from the bottom of the ocean enchanting the sailors around the world.

Rethink the boundaries of your imagination as to what you believe a one piece swimsuit and a bikini should look like, because Mermaids by LILIANA MONTOYA Swim has done so. You’ll find yourself dancing on the water’s edge in this fun, beautiful, and individually handcrafted multicolored and textured line. The collection is focused on enhancing the feminine beauty with luxurious details in its shapes, textures, prints, colors, sequined borders, stones and bright embroidery.

Get ready to wear the beaches’ must have, flirty, cheeky, scrunchy, uched bikinis of the season featuring our signature gold heart ornament. Every time you get our product, you are carrying a piece of our Heart.

Whether wearing Mermaids By LILIANA MONTOYA Swim at the beach or poolside, you can fully expect all eyes to be on you.


Company Overview

Liliana Montoya


The LILIANA MONTOYA Swim brand brings to the market a “Daily luxury -without ostentation- fun swimwear”. Since 2006, every garment and detail of the LILIANA MONTOYA Swim line has been created and applied by hand including its iconic signature detail, the gold touched Heart ornament.

Custom and basic garments with different cuts and lines, full of decorative elements, add identity and bear the stamp of the multiple styles and colors of Latin America. The influence of Latin American fashion and culture can be seen worldwide, and it is reflected in the countless details in garments that generate a strong visual impact.

The brand is based on the evolution of the Bikini, a small basic garment that was originally created for athletic purposes but currently is most commonly used to fashionably enjoy the ocean, the beach, and the pool. Now, thanks to the Mermaids collection it is much more than that. Women evolve and so does fashion and such evolution has brought to women sophisticated, fun, loving, multifaceted, yet simple swimwear garments like Trikinis, with different cuts and styles that enhance and showcase the true beauty of today’s modern woman.

LILIANA MONTOYA Swim is an exclusive Designer collection that flatters the woman’s body and keeps them feeling sexy and confident whether heading to the beach, the pool, or any other fun-in-the-sun occasion.

Throw on one of our comfortable cover-ups and accessorize your outfit with our bracelets and heart chains so you’re ready to keep celebrating life while looking your best when the sun’s still shining with your family and well into the evening hours with friends!


LILIANA MONTOYA Swim was born from the necessity of a new brand identity; and, with vision, Liliana brought it to reality in 2006. She conducts operations under her name, with a feminine upscale women swimwear line. Her objective is to offer exclusive products of high quality, design, innovation, and handmade embroidery work.

LILIANA MONTOYA Swim has become a solid organization, leader in creation, production, and commercialization of women’s swimwear through manual work and technological processes. LILIANA MONTOYA Swim prides itself on high standards and high-quality labor workers; maintaining a dynamic growth, based on challenges and goals of compliance; reaching a high end target group between the ages of 20 and 45, who are looking for a concept with added value versus massive quantity, with innovative design, color-stamped, different textures, patterns, accessories and embroidery. LILIANA MONTOYA Swim offers personalization and identity between clients and brand.


Our mission is to position LILIANA MONTOYA Swim as a Latin based cosmopolitan brand with tropical roots and diversity of patterns, themes, colors and high-quality; and as a communicative identity between clients and products influenced by Latin culture, optimistic of life, equilibrium adding diversity and handmade embroidery to maintain full satisfaction, with the creation and reinterpretation of products for the new necessities and wishes, of the multifaceted women who typically go unnoticed.


Buying bikinis is not about a trend, it’s about finding yourself and feeling comfortable with it, and the garments by LILIANA MONTOYA Swim have the perfect fit with all the different cuts and variety of shapes.

There is a great feeling in finding a bikini that fits your body perfectly, tucks and lifts in all the right places, making you feel unique wearing bikinis as exclusive edition pieces by a designer collection.

The tops are adjustable and have extra removable padding for personal preference while creating cleavage that’s beautiful and sexy. There is a signature Icon in each bikini that represents the brand, A gold heart icon that makes our bikinis like no other, Bikini Bottoms with schrunchy and cheeky fit bottoms that make your bootie heartly in shape. Sexy, yet super classy, with a sweet little cut-out detail that shows more of those beautiful hips, yet stays in place. For Girls that want to have extra fun and avoid tan lines, we have thongs, little bottoms, found in our brasileritas collection.

When you wear a LILIANA MONTOYA Swim bikini you’re not just wearing a bikini, you’re wearing a piece of handmade art manufactured and handcrafted by a talented team in Colombia. These beautiful pieces are designed by the entrepreneur designer, Liliana Montoya. Since she started her brand, her inspiration has come from exotic destinations around the world, Mermaids, Flowers, animals and Mother nature.

All bikinis are made to flatter your figure, making you feel flirty and beautiful as a one of a kind bikini collection.

The hottest styles of the brand that are a must have this summer are Styles like Margarita, Rosales , Lauritas, Sequins and Marinero…. You can find this codes in so many prints and colors, that you will like to collect them all.

Meeting the designer

Liliana Montoya is the driving force of the brand; Designer, Entrepreneur, and Model, she fulfills the role of a woman in fashion to the fullest extent.

When she was little, her aunt and grandmother taught her how to sew, and she loved using her hands for positive causes, discovering a passionate way to work. She was very good in school and she had great talent sketching and drawing. She wanted to become an engineer at first but due to the influences of her family, she decided to give herself an opportunity into the world of Fashion. She remembers growing up watching Fashion TV and major designer houses like Chanel, Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli, and Versace, who were a big influence in her style.

She got her degree in Fashion Design with a major in Marketing, which gave her the opportunity to create her own label.

Liliana Montoya is a model as well; when she started the company, she modeled her own line during the first 4 campaigns, she shot her collections in magical places such as Los Roques-Venezuela, Tulum- Mexico, Cauca Viejo – Colombia and Miami Beach- USA.

She later quit modeling in order to grow her line and move on in the industry as an entrepreneur and tooked her business on top the game. She gave the opportunity to new faces in the Modeling Industry, discovering -now big names- Cora Deitz, Joy Corrigan, Juliana Herz, Muriel Villera, Rachel Villori, Valentina Ferrer and many more.

This year Liliana is back as the image of her newest collection, modeling her own designs next to one of the most beautiful swimwear models, in the industry Emma Golijanin. Liliana is wearing her label with pride, and she has the opportunity to say, with her own skin, that talent and beauty come hand in hand. Being a woman means not only being beautiful but being, smart, talented, sensitive, genuine, feminine, fit ( She embraces a healthy lifestyle and loves to work out), passionate, humble and grounded; She has the guts to succeed, and even though Liliana came from another country as an international student to America, she stands up for USA as the greatest country that opens the doors to all races, religions, and genders; to her USA is, and will always be, the American Dream. So not matter how hard life is, or the challenges she faces, at the end what matters is that she holds on, works hard, and has faith; by believing in a positive cause, the rewards will come because there is love in her soul.

For Liliana, her bikinis are an extension of her personality, she names her bikinis with authentic names as they are her creations and babies, she breathes, lives, and dreams Fashion.

Her perfect day is at the beach recharging batteries, looking at the ocean and just having Vitamin SEA…

There are 4 trends that represent her personality and that translate into her designs,

Cute and romantic… expressing her sensitive side, as a woman she is very kind, caring and loving, she likes mixing pastel colors, flowers, laces and mesh, designing bikinis that look almost like lingerie.

Luxurious… full of sequins, shine, and sparkle, for a woman that stands up with her presence with a really high impact looking like a treasure star… It’s all about the gorgeous “tail flakes of the mermaid” inspiration. It’s sparkly and shimmery, sophisticated and luxurious, and absolutely stunning, day or night.

Latina and wild side… representing a woman that is fun, colorful, happy, and creative so she expresses her fashion forward sense and explores her instinct with new cuts and shapes. Ethnic designs appear with meticulous handcrafted details and beads. The classic mix of animal print and flowers is always a must, for Liliana it accents the unique design, and adds a note of trend in every season.

Solid and classic… a line for a classic woman who likes to keep a simple look yet modern, with a touch of luxury without ostentation.

Every time you wear one of her timeless pieces you become part of the team of Mermaids.


Liliana Montoya is the Founder and Creative Director of LILIANA MONTOYA Swim. Based in Miami Beach, Florida. Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. In 2006 Liliana Montoya brings her creative vision to reality. She starts her brand under her name, with a exclusive quantity, feminine line offering flattering products of high quality and embellished by hand. Fabrics, Lycras, and accessories are all from Colombia. With her tropical roots and Latin based diverse designs, her unique style is influenced by her culture, adding luxury without ostentation.

The influence of Latin America’s colors and trends are reflected in the countless details that also generate a strong visual impact. Every garment and detail of Liliana Montoya’s brand is created with the search for flirty, romantic, and unique products that explore new trends, mixing textures and silhouettes.

As a Iconic touch, when she was a child, she replaced the M from Montoya in her signature with a Heart and it became the registered Trademark of the Brand. Each bikini includes a gold touched Heart ornament, that represents the passion she embraces in every single piece.

Liliana Montoya’s collections have been featured in runways like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Miami International Fashion Week, and Funkshion Swim Week. Her bikinis have been on the cover of Harper Bazar “Argentina” (Jan /15), and editorials of Magazines such as Sports Illustrated, FHM, Maxim, GQ, Women’s Health, Seventeen, Marie Claire and many more.

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