#GAiA sustainable and circular capsule Swimwear & cover-ups made of eco-friendly fabric – PET plasticbottles. RECYCLE – REUSE – REDUCE
Designer Model Producer / LILIANA MONTOYA Photographer / @Freddy Koh Underwater/ Photo-video @miguelgmo Makeup artist @maria.ayalamua @hairmakeupluciana ? @oloconcept @pabsmore Tan @shirleypeartans @valladolidyucatan @rivieramayamx Special thanks to CENOTE SUYTUN CALETA TANKAH VALLADOLID – RIVIERA MAYA – MEXICO



In order for some of us to wake up … we need a calling. This is the reason I have created a curated collection for the conscious soul & heart inspired by the Goddess of Earth GAiA . Take a journey through our world #GAiA with Prints that reveal the heart of the mountain, Jungle vibes inspired by the Jaguars, who are the guardians of the tropical rainforest, bright flowers, stretch tiger marks, birds, vegetation, tropical fruits, butterflies, as the goddess appears in full detail-rich colors of every hue. Solid tones of bronze, gold, Tortuga, Coachella, brick, terracotta’s, Ivory, and black are the Representation of an earthy collection meticulously crafted in details and crochet textures. All Print bikinis are reversible and can be worn in multiple ways, creating unique looks for every customer to add their own identity and style to their looks. Mixing and matching top and bottoms in multiple ways.

This sustainable and circular capsule is made of an eco-friendly fabric of PET – Recycled Pet Textile is a recycled fabric made of (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles., Without compromising a single drop of water as digital print technology is the only source of the color process. We are focused on meeting the needs of the Conscious Heartfelt markets without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their requirements. A strong woman on the outside with a gentle heart, educated and humble, fierce and compassionate, rational and disciplined, who is inspiring, caring, nourishing, and responsible. We are offering a better option, a less harmful way to dress. Being socially ethical and environmentally responsible as possible with our journey, we are not there yet 100% but we are giving to the industry our grain of sand. Choose better quality in order to buy less.