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Company Info

Liliana Montoya Swimwear

Mermaids By LILIANA MONTOYA swim is an exclusive bathing suit brand designed by Colombian Liliana Montoya.
LILIANA MONTOYA swim has captured the essence of an enchanting mermaid line, bringing summer to romance our senses. The designer understands no woman is alike, but all women want to feel sexy and comfy. This special collection draws inspiration from the ocean, color, coral, fish, seaweed, landscapes and scale patterns; breathing life into helping every woman feel beautiful and transforming them into a mermaid.
Rethink boundaries of your imagination as to what you believe a one piece and bikini should look like, because Mermaids by LILIANA MONTOYA swim has done so. You’ll find yourself dancing at the water’s edge in this fun, beautiful, and individually handcrafted multicolored and textured line. The collection is focused on realizing the feminine beauty with luxurious detail in its shapes, textures, prints, colors, sequined borders, stones and bright embroidered.
Get ready to wear the beaches must have flirty cheeky ruched bikinis for the season featuring our signature Montoya Gold Heart. Every time you get our product, you are carrying a piece of our Love.
Whether wearing Mermaid’s by Montoya swimwear beach or poolside, you can fully expect all eyes to be on you.

Company Overview
Liliana Montoya


The LILIANA MONTOYA swim brand brings to the market a “Daily luxury – fun swim without ostentation”. Every garment and detail of the Liliana Montoya line is created and applied by hand as well with its iconic signature touched gold Heart since 2006.
Custom and Basic Garments with different cuts and lines full of decorative elements add identity; and, bare the stamp of the multiple styles and colors of Latin America. The influence of Latin American fashion and culture can be seen world-wide and is reflected in the countless details in garments that also generate a strong visual impact.
The brand is based on the evolution of the Bikini, a small basic garment that was originally created for athletic purposes but currently it is most commonly used to fashionably enjoy the ocean, the beach, and the pool. Now thanks to Mermaids it is much more than that. Women evolve and so does fashion and such evolution has brought women sophisticated, fun-loving, multifaceted yet simple swim-wear garments like Trikinis, with its different cuts and styles that realize and showcase the true beauty of today’s modern woman.


LILIANA MONTOYA Industries was born from the necessity of consumption; and, with vision, Liliana Montoya brought it to reality in 2006. She conducts operations under her name LILIANA MONTOYA swim with a feminine line upscale women swimwear. Her objective is to offer exclusive products of high quality, design innovation, and manual work.
LILIANA MONTOYA swim has become a solid organization, leader in creation, production, and commercialization of women’s swimwear through handmade manual work and technological processes. LILIANA MONTOYA swim prices itself on high standards and high-quality labor workers; maintaining dynamic growth based on challenges and goals of compliance; reaching a high acquisitive feminine target group between the ages of 20 and 45, which are looking for a concept with aggregated value versus massive quantity, with innovative design, color-stamped, different textures, patterns, accessories and embroidery. LILIANA MONTOYA swim offers personalization and identity between clients and brand..


Positioning LILIANA MONTOYA swim as a cosmopolitan brand with tropical roots and Latin based diversity of stamps, designed themes, colors and high-quality as a communicative identity between clients and products influenced by culture reinterpreted in a new version of Gaudy and optimistic of live with positives and equilibrium textures adding diversity appliances of handmade embroidery. Maintain full satisfaction with the creation and reinterpretation of products for the new necessities and acquisitive wishes of the multifaceted women that typically go unnoticed.


CAUTION! Remember, while dressing, long finger nails, jewelry and sharp pointed accessories can damage your swimsuit. We recommend removing all jewelry/accessories before dressing and using finger tips to manipulate the garment.

  • Hand wash with a soft soap
  • Do not expose to high temperatures
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not Bleach
  • Do not soak
  • Do not wring
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
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